Here Lies the Wicked

Chapter 2: Gray Qi
This is a locked chapterChapter 2: Gray Qi
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The narrator goes to a street food stall owned by an old man named "Oldwang" . He smells bad and faints. He wonders if there is any news about the "blood moon" , and wonders if he has been possessed. He also wonders if the place he is going to is haunted. Someone has reported seeing a daoist dressed in robes enter the building. The narrator wonders if this is the place that gave him such a scare earlier . The man looks like a normal police officer, and the narrator wonders why he is there. He thinks that if he were to go into the building and see a doctor, it would be like a "sheep walking straight in to a tigers maw". The narrator thinks that the man is carrying a "golden warrior seal" and an " immunity shield", which are symbols of the "true body" that he found in the body of the dead man.
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