Chapter 74
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The next morning, Shum opens the door to her room and finds that she has been awakened by the sound of footsteps. She realizes that she is in the middle of a conversation with her father, who has come to see her. He tells her that he has heard of a game called "binding play," in which a person swishes a rope around and tries to make the person weak or powerless. Shum tells him that he can show him how to do this, and Shum shows him the potion she has made. She tells him to take the potion and sit in her room for the night, and the next morning she can untie it herself. When Shum leaves, she asks her father if he has done everything she has asked him to do. He says he has, and she asks him if he is feeling well. She asks if he pushed the potion too hard the night before, and he says he can be gentler this morning if she does not take it. He asks her if she beat her sister, and when she says yes, he asks her to have the soup while it is warm
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