Devil's Lover

Chapter 165
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In this chapter, we learn that the setting of the story is purely fictional. The jill manor is the spokesman for the family, and he is insulted when he hears that the magician next to him is a member of the "true god cult" . He calls upon the gods to punish the two humans, but they know that he is the true god and cannot live. He summons a demon and tells it to "swoop swoosh" , which means to attack. The demon attacks him, but the jill lord tells him to remove the magic. He tells the demons that they can deceive ordinary people, but that they cannot deceive him. The meaning of the demons they have been trained into is to serve the family. They must have rebelled against the gods, and they must be punished for it. The family promises to make everyone who disobeys them disappear. They disperse a bright light, which only the god could emit. The child sitting next to them is called "little zhan" and he appears to be the "god of chaos." He is very young, and if he absorbs too much energy, he will grow to be a complete body. He must kill the child before he reaches adulthood. He smells like his father, and his chest starts to swell again. He feels a strange connection between his body and the child.
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