Devil's Lover

Chapter 70
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The chapter ends with a soliloquy by Eros in which he states that he will keep little zhan at the brothel until the enchantment boundary is completed. Eros is so happy that he is so excited that he knocks on the door of the brothel. He is so pleased to see little Zhan, who is covered in his scent. He brings him some fresh fruit, which he has specially prepared for him. He tells little Zeehan that the fruit is stained with furball's saliva and that he wants to throw the fruit away. He also tells him that he prepared the fruit so that Zeehan would be as big as the fruit, but that it is not good enough. He asks furball where he can find such a sweet fruit, and he tells him to take his time to think of it. Eros says that he and Zeehan are going to get changed first, and that little is holding him back.
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