A Free Ride Everyday

Chapter 57: Happiness (End)
This is a locked chapterChapter 57: Happiness (End)
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The scene opens with the sound of someone's phone ringing. It's ding-dingding, and it's the voice of one of the company's employees, cheng-huan. He's on his way to work, and the company wants him to come to a meeting to discuss a new perfume design. Ooh, sounds like a good idea. He tells her to hurry up and change into her usual clothes, because he's going to the meeting at 3pm. He also tells her that they've been partners all along, so they must be psyched to be working together again. Aww, it seems like they're both going to work at the same company, right? Aww. They're going to be the only two people in the company who aren't heading to work together, so it must be a good thing that they haven't been working together for so long. He then tells her about buying a pack of chocolates when he was shopping, which is a good sign, because it means that the company is giving out sweets to everyone in the district. Whew.
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