Chapter 76
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It's morning, and the girls are getting ready to go for their morning walk. One of the girls drops her ring, which she's been carrying around with her. She's bummed that it's fallen off, but she doesn't want to give it to the girl who stole it, because she thinks she'll get it back if she finds her. The girl, who we'll call han jia, is all, "I'm going to stay here for a while, so I can get to know you better." Senior han is a little worried about this. He's worried that the girl he loves is going to get into a fight with her cousin, who's a bit of a jerk. Senior han says he's going to go out for a couple of days, so he can hang out with the girl, and then he'll come back. He asks the girl if she likes to cook breakfast, and she says she does. He wants to know if they're all like
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