Dark Money

Chapter 98
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About This Chapter
Shu Bi's family has spent a great deal of money to get rid of all the accusations against her, hoping that she might be able to help them in some way. This is absurd, because dad has been fond of Shu Bi, and she has always been a part of his life, hoping to be his assistant. What difference does it make between a father who is fond of his daughter and a shao an who is also fond of her? Shu Bi is very sensitive, and when she hears about the new kind of psychedelic drug that the criminals used, she is sure that it is the same kind of medicine that killed her father. After his father's accidental death, Shu Bi went to investigate, but she got nothing. This time, tianze decides not to tolerate Shu Bi anymore, and he calls someone to arrange for her to leave. Shu Bi has left the family forever, because she knows too much about the secrets of the family. .
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