Rainbow Crown

Chapter 83
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At the same time, the person who enters the door of the house will give up all of his or her desires. The person who exits the door will not be able to think of anyone else in the house. This is because the house is packed with people who want to get into the house, and this is because there is no way anyone else can get into it. The narrator asks the little brat why he is killing them. The little brat tells him that they were so happy when he raised them up. He tells the narrator that he was so sad when he lost his memories, but now that he has regained them, he is even enjoying himself in this place. He says that the narrator is ungrateful for raising him up, and that he even took advantage of the situation. He apologizes for his ungratefulness, and says that he can remember a lot of his past now. He thanks uncle wuji for helping him recover his memories. He promises that if he goes inside again, he will be everywhere in the world. He asks if he can join them, and they say that they need his support. He wants to share the map with them, or they will take it away from him.
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