Shivers: Prelude

Chapter 12: Requiem (3)
This is a locked chapterChapter 12: Requiem (3)
About This Chapter
This chapter's epigraph comes from a conversation between Mvu and udin. Mvu thanks udin for finding the cursed ring, but says that he needs to fix it by himself. He tells udin that he has found a skeleton, which he has to report to the police. udin tells Mvu that the ring was given to him by a Shaman in Serang, a city in Banten province, West Java province, Indonesia. The Shaman gave the ring to Mvu as a gift, but Mvu's teacher tricked him by giving him a fake ring, which the Shaman kept for himself. The ring is the most powerful ring in the universe, Mvu says, and now it belongs to him. .
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