Chapter 1
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The next morning, the doctor tells the patient that his blood pressure is back to normal and his heart rate has returned to normal. The doctor then asks the patient if he is feeling criticized by his idol. The patient replies that he feels criticized by everyone, but that the doctor is the best. When the doctor asks if he wants to go home for the night, the patient says that he does want to go. He tells the doctor that he will make an appointment for him at the hospital the next day. He then asks if the cramp in the leg is still there and the doctor says that it is. He says that the cramp is bad and he will have to go back to the hospital tomorrow. The next day, he asks if she wants to have dinner with him. She says that she does, and he tells her that he still has three more concerts to go to. She tells him that they will be familiar with each other the first time, and the second and third time. He asks if they should go where he is
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