Zero Touch

Chapter 2
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About This Chapter
In this chapter, the protagonist explains how he came to be in another world. He explains that when people cross over from one world to another, they become proud dragon-like skies. He also explains that it's a crime to trespass on the college grounds and to enter the forbidden church. He tells the protagonist that he's been saved, and that he finally has someone to talk to. The principal of the college tells him that he has the ability to change into a battle suit and that the college is where he'll be trained. The protagonist finally has a roommate, and the principal tells him to come back to school and get a "check-up" before going anywhere else. He's excited to be back in school, but the principal doesn't seem to like the protagonist's attitude. He makes the protagonist look like a "weirdo" by making him look like he has no idea what's happening. He asks the protagonist to go ahead and prepare dinner for him, and when he does, he feels like his heart is about to jump out of his chest.
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