Demon's Ears

Chapter 59
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About This Chapter
In this short scene, Teta speaks to the manager of K-Mart, asking him to turn down the company's contract with Miss Jessel. Teta tells the manager that he thinks it's best if the company chooses someone else to handle the public relations. He also tells Teta that the music studio at the mall is going well, and that he's prepared a double bed for the girls' nap room. He's also happy to report that he doesn't need to wear glasses anymore. He says that he hopes he won't be seen as a ghost in public, because that'll make him look even more beautiful. He then says that Teta is asking for affection from him, and he'd like to go eat with him to avoid seeing someone more lovey. He wants to know what's going on, and Teta says that if his plan works, then his lover's secret will also be revealed. He decides to arrange for a private room where they can meet secretly.
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