Spicy Wife

Chapter 39
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The silly girl calls on her friend to come back for dinner. She tells her that auntie zhao has made her favorite pork ribs. When she asks if she will be back soon, she says that she will finish all of the ribs if she does not reply. She also tells her friend that she fainted and that the doctor has told her that there is nothing major to worry about. She asks him to take her to the riverside to have dinner. He says that he does not want to stay at the hospital and that he and his sister are both in the fish market there. He asks her to take him there for dinner, but the silly girl tells him that he should not eat like a pig. She says that even if he eats all the food, he will still be his wife. She scolds him for being so thick-skinned and for eating so much food. He tells her to stop talking and
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