Chapter 54
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The narrator tells us that Ziyi's husband is rich, and that he's going to celebrate his sixth birthday with her. He's also the designer of the villa Ziyi bought for her. The narrator also tells us about the part Ziyi played in the development of the apartment where her friend is staying, and how Ziyi owes him for saving her from going bankrupt. He also tells her that if she ever needs him again, he'll do his best to save her, but she owes him the money for the car and for the apartment. He promises to try his best, but he doesn't have time to wait for her to repay him. The teacher tells the narrator that she's met Ziyi at the gate, and Ziyi says that her boyfriend is the owner of an apartment in an area called "Anshan." The teacher says that if Ziyi wants to buy an apartment, she can ask her boyfriend's help, but if she wants an apartment from a different area, she'll have to ask his help. He tells the girl to just give the apartment to her boyfriend, and the girl says that's what she'
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