Ossan Idol!

Volume 5 Chapter 28
This is a locked chapterVolume 5 Chapter 28
About This Chapter
When Tsukasa is carried offstage, he is surprised to find that he has been hit by a beam. He is glad that he was not injured, because he would have been able to avoid the accident by himself. Tsakasa tells him that he is an idol, and that he would give his life to protect him. He tells him to lower his voice so that it does not sound like a soliloquy like the one he is about to say. He then goes on to say that he wants to meet the next world where he and yatarou will be together. He says that he did not want to see the scene so ugly, but that he needs to do it right now. He praises his acting, saying that it was his best acting yet. He and rou are on their way to meet their next job.
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