Ossan Idol!

Volume 2 Chapter 8
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Hirofumi, the manager of Miroku's group, is happy to see that his protege is doing well in the modeling business. He tells Hiroshi that he has a feeling that Miroku sees him as a sister, and that he already has his own hero in him. Hiroshi tells him that he should not be slandering his uncle, because uncle can be "scared" when he needs him to be. He says that he respects his protege's work, and he asks him if he has feelings for Miroku. He asks if he is trying to pick a girl, and Hiroshi replies that he is not trying to "pick up" that cute girl, but is just trying to grow his brand in a new way. He also says that the group needs to come up a name for their new show, because it is their first group activity, and they need to do something that will "grow your brand" in a flash. He adds that he feels like Miroku is serious about the project, and says that after all the modeling gigs, he feels that "he really is serious" about it. He then asks if the show will sound like a "radio show," and he says that it actually sounds good. He thanks the group for the opportunity to do this, and then he says he is looking forward to it, but that he does not know if he will be able to read the songs on the show. He feels like he is being "pushed out" of a plane, and wants to get the songs over quickly, so that he can tell Miroku what he has to say. He wants to tell him not to leave, but he is afraid that he will cry if he does, so he tells him to say something, and to repeat one thing: "one person can love," and to "keep a perfect rhythm
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