I Am The Fated Villain

Chapter 12: Don't Do Stupid Things and They Won't Come Back to Bite You
This is a locked chapterChapter 12: Don't Do Stupid Things and They Won't Come Back to Bite You
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In this chapter, the "heavenly demonic aura" is actually the "extraterrestrial demon curse" , and the Heavenly King is pleased to see it. He exclaims that he has suffered a "backlash" and that his life expectancy has been reduced by 150 points and his luck has been cut in half. The Heavenly King says that he hasn't done anything, but he thanks the Heavenly Master for giving him such a good gift. He asks the old servant to protect him, but the old man refuses to help him. He says that since the curse has been broken, he will gather all the forces to find and punish the culprit. He tells lintian to come out quickly, because the family has summoned everyone to a meeting. Worried that his inner source has been damaged, he can't walk properly. As long as he cuts off the pulse of the dead body, he says, it will "naturally be lifeless" . He explains that he can use the "divine soul secret technique" to revive himself later, then he can go into hiding. He claims that he will be able to do so without anyone knowing because he has already cut off the body's heart. He then explains that it was a member of the clan named Lintian, a junior, who was not very fond of him. When they found him, he
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