I Am The Fated Villain

Chapter 10: Mutual Coveting!
This is a locked chapterChapter 10: Mutual Coveting!
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In this chapter, we learn that the ancestors of the Lin family have been summoned to the ancestral hall by the first elder. The first elder is a powerful member of the upper family, and he has come to announce the restoration of the family's honor. The lord of the manor asks how many points of luck he has left, and the lord answers that the difference between his luck and the "fated one" is too big. With the improvement of his host's luck, the "power of the backlash" will gradually diminish, the lord says. Character: guchangge. identity. true disciple of taoist palace.physis and bloodline. demonic heart and Taoist bonecultivation.techniques. daotian immortality code.seventh stage.inscarnationsof ten thousand demons.talent,early heavensdivine dwelling recital.talent.devoursing immortal demonsdestiny value.100.luck points.130system of the broken world seed. the lord wonders why the black luck symbol means so much, and wonders if it's just because of his villain's name. He also wonders if the girl has secrets that he doesn't yet know about. He wonders if she still has the secrets that she didn't have when she first came to the manor. He says that the central province has eight regions, which are the most prosperous regions. The three princes from the xia dynasty also plan to hold a conference in the central region. The taoists will be discussing taoism among peasants from lower regions. He wants to attend the conference as a joke, but the lord tells him not to worry. The
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