I, Taoist Wu Xin

Season 2 Chapter 17
This is a locked chapterSeason 2 Chapter 17
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The Flying Serpent tells the girl that he has been fighting with her for a long time. He tells her to watch her mouth. He says that if she hadn't been restrained by the owl, he would have let her have the chance of being so arrogant. The girl shrieks and says that she has been beaten by the flying serpent many times. The flying serpent says that the phoenix has revealed its true form despite the girl's death. The lizard says that he can't believe the girl has used the flame of the phoenix to burn him. He asks the owl to give him all of his power. The snake says that one of them must die today and he doesn't think that person is him. The owl says that they were expelled from the religion for cultivating bad arts, and now they want to use the jade book as a weapon to bring disaster on the common people
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