Riding Shotgun

Vol.1 Chapter 3
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Doyle harrington, a bigail witt, and a bunch of other guys show up at the job fair. They're all looking for work. Doyle says that he's tired of all the people applying for the same job. He's also tired of the fact that they're hiring people from all over the place. He wants to get rid of the guy who's taller than him, so that he doesn't have to compete with the other applicants. He also wants to make sure that the guy that's bigger than him isn't going to be able to beat him in a fight. He says he'll try to get the guy to show him his left side, so he can show him how to use his left hand. He tells the other guys that if they don't want to kill him, they should just let him do it. He adds that he used to be a good wrestler, but now that he knows how to do it, he can't stand it anymore. He wishes he could cancel his appointment, but then he remembers that he never needed a "silly piano wire contraption" to do his job. And then he realizes that the trick to killing people is to break their necks with one hand. So he puts this on the piano wire, and the dick tells him to come back when he has "a few kills under his belt" . He thinks this is bullshit, because apparently they aren't really killing the "right people" , so they'll just hire the guy with the most kills. The dick says that his son is trying to get him a job that pays him a lot of money, and that he wants to help him get the job. The other guys are like, "dude, you've got some ambition, son"
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