Chapter 13
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The next morning, wangjiang wakes up in a panic. He realizes that his connection to the zonng family has been disrupted, and he realizes that he is responsible for the death of his sister. . he tells himself that he will deal with him first before he settles his debts with the scepter. He says that his beloved sister has been killed because of him, and that they only scared away the thieving zonings because they did not kill her. He also says that if he had been captured and killed, then sister zingyu would not have died. He argues that he only needs to wait and reap the benefits of his control over the tsingyu, and not continue to mess with him. He calls himself a fanboy, and says that the one who murdered his sister was clearly his leader. He tells himself to attack the zedong leader one last time, because the pill's effect is soon to disappear. He asks himself if he has the right to lecture him, but he knows that he doesn't have the right. He feels that he has defeated an expert of the tianx sect, and this makes him even more determined to get the compass.
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