Chapter 34
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It's New Year's Eve, and the two of them have been drinking all day. The narrator asks if he brought an umbrella with him. He's surprised that the two didn't tell each other that they were going out that night. He also asks if the two drank until late that night, and he wonders if they forgot to bring umbrellas. The two then talk about the previous night's drinking, and about the fact that the narrator's memory is "blurred" because he was in high school, so he can't recall what he said. He asks why he has to work extra hours on the eve of the new year, and when the narrator says that he's working overtime, the two start talking about their old school days, and how they used to go out together, and eat chicken and cider together. When the narrator mentions that he injured his knee while walking home from work one day, and that he doesn't have the strength to go home alone, he asks if she's okay. She says that her knee is fine, but that she'll drag her bike to the riverside, where she used to exercise, and sit there for a bit. She tells the narrator that she started to like the man from that day, when he was walking there, and wants to be close to him again. She asks the narrator to take a picture of her with him, so they can work things out together.
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