Chapter 25
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About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn that the new drug was developed by a European pharmaceutical company, yaotegui, which was once a part of the hunter league. The company developed a powerful new drug that could destroy the body and mind of a person who did not take the proper precautions. This was called "the devil's trial" and it was used by many members of the league, including the league leaders. However, the drug was removed from the market due to its addictive nature and the company was forced to sell the drug to the public. The city of royard was turned into a "real-life evil" due to the release of raw materials from the company's laboratory. The league has commissioned the night club and entrusted the mission to the club's members. The night club members are the ones who have published the mission, and the only clue they have is the name of the person who published it
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