Chapter 8
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Two weeks have passed since the defeat of Luo qi, and Ren Ming has been busy gathering information. He wants to know about the "super-souls" and the "kings" . He asks Ren Ming what he can do for Ren Ming. Ren Ming tells him that his parents are supersouls, and that they are born with special abilities. He tells Ren Ming to greet Ren Ming, swear allegiance to him, and show Ren Ming his determination. He also says that he has received a message from Ren Ming that the loan shop where Ren Ming asked him to check is now under branch 9. He will also send Ren Ming the address and information from the gold bar that Ren Ming sold to him. On Tuesday night, Ren Ming received Ren Ming's chat message, in which Ren Ming says that the debt collectors have come to him and that he is the same person as the guy in the library the day before. He begs Ren Ming not to get involved in his business either. He says that according to the information he received from Luo Qi, this person is the second in command in the district. He borrows money from him, but he cannot find Ren Ming anywhere, and his classmates have told him that he borrowed Ren Ming money. He promises to transfer the money to Ren Ming right away.
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