Chapter 7
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About This Chapter
In this chapter, the hero explains that he has found a treasure in the form of a "super-soul being" . The hero says that he does not know what the treasure is, but he does know that he can give it to the super-soul if he defeats the opponent. He also says that the treasure does not belong to humans, and that it is not worth risking his life for it. The heroic mission is to "enhance a weapon" and to "exchange 1 prestige point" to "upgrade to second rank" and "to upgrade second rank to third rank" , and then to "copy a weapon available only once" for a 50% chance of obtaining additional spiritual energy. The goal of the mission is for the hero to kill the opponent with a "smasher" or a "blast" of spiritual energy . He tells the hero that the winner of this mission is the king, and the loser is his boss. The boss asks the hero what he is doing, and he tells him to go collect the information about the super soul beings and the king. If the opponent loses consciousness, his spiritual energy will be absorbed by the hero, who will decide the fate of the loser.
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