Volume 2 A-011
This is a locked chapterVolume 2 A-011
About This Chapter
The chapter opens with Hiroyuki's conversation with his friend Yamagishi. Hiroyuki tells him that he has lost both parents and that he is now an adult. He tells his friend that he wants to go back to his own class, but that he cannot because of the club activities at the school. He asks his friend if he will listen to him if he says no, and he says that he does not remember saying no. He says that the school is almost out of time and that schoolwork keeps them busy. They are almost done with their homework when the detective asks them to accompany him to the park. The detective asked Hiroyuki to go with him, and Hiroyuki says he cannot imagine that it is someone outside of the school who did this. He is horrified at the thought that they are being used as a tool by the school and that they do not even get a thank you for using up their time. He also says that when he was an orphan, he lost both his parents in an automobile accident, and now he is terrified of the scar on his head.
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