Volume 1 A-003
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Another day passes at school without incident, and the narrator feels as though nothing has ever happened. He feels that he has to tell the police about the murder, but he knows that they won't make him a suspect in the case. He also knows that the priest or teacher is likely to find the body of the dead man in the chapel. He wonders if he ate in the cafeteria, but the narrator doesn't realize it. The narrator goes to the school grounds and finds that the groundskeeper is missing without leave. He goes to investigate, and finds bloodstains on the ground. He thinks that the man was killed in the hole in the wall in the garden, and that the hole was filled in by someone else to fill in for the body. He asks the narrator why he is still "sticking his nose" in the whole thing. He says that if the body is found, he'll leave the case to the police. But he also wonders why he didn't take a picture before running away.
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