Star Collector

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The Governess tells her friend that she's glad she finally knows what's been going on with her relationship with Niko. She's a single mom with two kids, so she doesn't have much time to think about it. She tells the Governess that she and Niko weren't out late, so they might have been awake when she woke up. She says she'll tell her mom about it later. She also says that he's home early, so he'll have to call on her later that night. She asks him if he met Niko, and he says he actually did, but that he was a "shitty friend" . He tells her that his mom is happy about having a son, and that she is not "sweet enough" for her. He says he'd like to have sex with her, but they haven't talked about "luts" , which makes him nervous. He's worried that one of them is going to have to "put his dick" in his butt, which is embarrassing, he says. He asks if he could have asked her, and she says she could have done a search, but she didn't want to ask him. He admits that he is nervous, but he says the sky is clear tonight, so it won't be a problem. He wants to go home and pack up and get ready for the night. But he says it's okay to go outside, because he saw a "shooting star" together.
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