Star Collector

Vol.2 Star 8
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The Governess tells Lockwood that she has a message for him. She tells him that two people are on board a ship, and she wants to know what is going on so they can talk together. Lockwood says that he doesn't need her help. He says that everything is fine and that he wants to go home for the day. He asks Lockwood if he thinks he would be upset if he didn't go home, and Lockwood replies that he thinks they should start over "ba slam" . He tells Lockwood to go ahead and tell him what's happening, but Lockwood says he'll wait until he gets there. Lockwood tells him he's glad to see him, because he was scared he "screwed things up" the last time he saw him. He wants to talk to Lockwood about the ship's two people. Lockwood is surprised to hear this, and he says he has a letter for the Governess, but it's in the wrong place. Lockwood asks if he can just visit her, but she says she's going to go to the bath. Lockwood tries to get her to stop yelling, but he can't. He's worried about Lockwood's father, who's not on board the ship. Lockwood blames Lockwood for wanting to see his father, and says that Lockwood is happy that they're gone. He also says that it was nice of Lockwood to shake his hand, because it made him feel better
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