Chapter 26
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It's time for Roxane to get her revenge. She's going to have to find a way to get back at her brother-in-law for all the lies he's told her about her sister. Roxane is all, "it's her own pleasure" , and she doesn't want to be a part of anything that's not for her own good. She wants to get revenge on Roxane for all of the lies she's been told about her little sister. She tells Roxane that she can't have sex with anyone who's lying to her, and that she'll never do it again. She also says that she won't trade sex for blood anymore, because Roxane's sister didn't even believe in the lie she was telling her. So, she wants to know where her sister is, and Roxane wants to be able to find out. He's already found hakyung and his men are on him, and he wants to make sure that he can find out where his little sister is. He wants to have sex while grabbing a bite to eat, so he decides to go to a random place and pay for a ride on an express bus. Before they get to the express bus, Roxane takes out a lot of cash to pay for the ride. She still takes Roxane outside when she wakes up, so she can observe the world around her. He also wants to try on his sister's new school uniform, which he thinks is the reason that Professor Yang fell for his sister. They're getting
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