Chapter 13
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When Jack wakes up, he's worried about his sister. He's not sure if she's okay or not. He calls for an ambulance, but first he wants to check on her blood. He doesn't have a lot of tools to do this, so he asks the doctor to wrap her up and take care of her. The doctor tells him that if the blood continues to increase, she'll probably die. Jack says he'll give the doctor whatever he wants. He wants to know why he paid so much money to bring a doctor in the first place. Jack tells the doctor that he wanted to give his sister what he wanted. He says he can give his blood to the doctor if he wants it. Jack asks if he was having a good night's sleep, and the doctor says he was. Jack wants to wake up in the place where the goose came out of the castle. The goose lays golden eggs, but Jack also wants to steal the goose. He taps the goose's tap to make sure the giant isn't about to steal it. When the giant is off guard, Jack makes his mind up.
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