Chapter 14
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It's been a while since the last time we saw Yeoon, and now he's back at the hospital. He's still looking for his sister, and Yeoon is freaking out. He tells Yeoon to calm down, and he'll do everything he can to find his sister. Yeoon tells him to get back to the hospital ASAP, because the hospital will do everything in its power to find her. He also warns Yeoon not to blame the attending doctor for everything, since he was the one who was there when Yeoon's sister was dying. He says that Yeoon isn't a queen in the hospital like he is in his mansion, and that he should just get his act together and stop trying to blame everyone else. He adds that he will also be there if he needs any witnesses, since Yeoon was his patient after all, and since she was the patient who almost killed Yeoon when he was trying to save her life. He then says that if Yeoon really did go missing, he should go back to his house and call the cops, since it's the hospital's job to help find her, and if she's really gone, then the hospital should do everything it can to help her. The chairman of the hospital apologizes to Yeoon for his behavior, and says that he thinks Yeoon has made a mistake, since his sister left on her own will. The doctor says that's fine, but he needs to perform a second surgery, because Yeoon doesn't have the same trust as he did when his sister died. He asks Yeoon if
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