Beyond Memory

Chapter 16
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The Governess asks Will if he is sure that his powers do not hurt others. Will replies that he is a victim of his own powers. The two shake hands, and the Governess demands that they stop fighting. Will says that he did not mean to hurt anyone, but that she is a troublemaker and that he started the fight because she twirled. She says that she has been like this all her life and that if she gets off guard or bashed, she always gets this way. She tells Will that she does not want her memory back because she is afraid that it will be gone. The more she feels the emotions running through her, the more annoyed she becomes. She asks Will to stop fighting and to shake hands. Will agrees, and they shake hands again. Will asks her if he was mad or hurt because of her, and she replies that she was. She then says that if he had resented her for having them
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