Scarlet Soul

Vol.2 Chapter 10
This is a locked chapterVol.2 Chapter 10
About This Chapter
Feeling is like a kind of magic, and sometimes you just need a key to unlock a door that keeps secrets from you. This is what we find out in this chapter. We find out that the key to unlocking the door is the one that keeps the secret of love in our hearts. The key to the secret is that we need to break the spell that keeps us in love with someone. The spell is that the person we love has to be evil, or else we'll never be able to love them. The voice of the wind oracle is telling us that this is the case. The wind oracle tells us that he's been trying to get close to the person he loves so that he can reveal his secret. He's doing this because he wants to make sure that no one will ever find out about his love for the woman he loves
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