Scarlet Soul

Vol.1 Chapter 4
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The shertan tells Lysander that he has been unable to control his powers because everyone knows that he lives in the nohmur. Lysander says that he was always criticized by his own parents for his efforts, but that was because no one noticed his efforts. He tells her that she has poisoned herself and that he will take care of her. He says that his name is "aghyr" , which means that he is equal in power to the great priest, and that Lysander is much more than a mere sherahtan. He explains that he had to use his cape to wipe himself off after he accidentally spilled some water on the floor. He asks Lysander if he is a "corrupt sherah," and Lysander tells him that he should not live as a "vermin," as he is not worthy of living. He adds that he would like Lysander to never have been born, but Lysander replies that he wishes he had never been born. He then tells her to raise her head, as she always has a choice, and he says that she should believe in herself and everyone else who supports her. She says that with Lysander gone, she is the one who is taking her place, and she asks her to lend her strength wherever she is
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