Volume 3
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The chapter opens with a description of a girl who thinks she is invisible. She is a transfer student at the school, and she quickly becomes popular after she transfers. The girl, named lulu saki, is the daughter of the Yurishiro family. She and her brother, ginko, have become friends, and lulu asks her why she wants to marry her brother. She tells him that she is the only member of the family, and her family is old, so they have been confined to cramped boxes. lulu and ginko sing a song together, called "the things i like." lulu says that she came to listen to lulu every day, and that she has become friends with her. She asks if she can sing the rest of the song, and he replies that he will sing it for her. He tells her that it would be romantic for her to get married on her birth day, but she is four months old. He says that he is going to visit her for her birthday, but that she will not be able to leave her family until she dies. He asks her if she has told him to come to visit him, and when she says no, he asks her to go home. He finds a pendant in the trash can, which he says is the pendant that she gave him when he first came to live with her in her box. He wants to be with her forever, even if she is wounded or killed. He feels that she made his friend disappear, and recently, she made her friend disappear. He is afraid that she may have dug a hole in the wall to hide her body, but he is sure that they will not use it. He wonders if sumika is digging a hole for a body, and if they are dressed like bears. He thinks that they are related to her, and they are her older cousins. They welcome home her cousins, Tsubaki and Ginko yuris. They are not actually her brothers, but her grandmother taught her how to treat a cold using them. She says that they may be cousins, but they may not be as close as they think they are. She wonders what power she has to control peoples hearts. She thinks that she can read peoples emotions by using sound, lighting, and sound. She can use her surroundings to hypnotize people until they become hallucinate. She also uses sound and lighting to put people in a trance. She uses sound to put them into a trance and bubble them until they begin to hall
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