Chapter 12: End
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The Governess tells the Governess that she's shocked that she fell in love with him, and that she tried to keep her distance from him. She's even gone so far as to cry herself to sleep, but she can't bear to admit that she was the one who got him into love with her. She wants to know why he's crying, and she'll tell her when he'll stop crying. She tells him that she wants to see the story with her eyes, but he won't be able to see her. He tells her that he has to go to the sales department to meet with the sales people, and he tells her to hurry because he needs to rush. He's holding back because he knows his crying face gets him excited. He asks her to give him a little praise for his job, and then he goes off to another room. She asks him why he didn't go to see his ex-lover. He says that he told her he couldn't get back together with her because she was a special person, and now she doesn't accept the fact that he dumped her . He doesn' t want to go back because she might find someone else.
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