Summer Sonata

Chapter 3
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The narrator tells the story of Lonrho's rise to power. Lonrho is the grandson of the former president of the University of Illinois. He founded the hangun enterprise, and raised it from the ground up until now. He is very talented, the narrator tells us, and that's why they've teamed up with the school to rebuild the university's life sciences center, which was destroyed by fire in 2006. The hangun corporation believes in nurturing talent and helping society, and Lonrho looks at the narrator the whole time he's been there. The narrator asks to see the new college building, which is under construction. He's happy to see that it's going to be a place where he'll be able to meet and deliver the news of his new venture to the people around him. He tells the narrator that he has to have a lot of male friends in order to be successful. He asks the man who gave him the earrings if he knows that he got a gift from a friend, and the man tells him that he thinks sapphire will suit him better. He then asks the narrator about his last semester grades, which were not great. He says that he works at the library, a job that can't possibly be a full-time job. He hopes that the scholarship wasn't meant to be, because investing in talented people isn't a reward for entrepreneurship.
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