Chapter 4
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The scene opens with a description of the food served at a restaurant. It is described as "delicious cow meat, fresh meat" . The waiter introduces the protagonist as a "film major" , and the protagonist explains that he graduated from the university last year. The protagonist exclaims that the restaurant is "so good" that he is "the most drunk in the host bar". The protagonist asks the waiter if they should stop drinking, but the waiter replies that he himself is a heavy drinker and that he feels so drunk on this "good day" at the restaurant that he cannot stop eating. He then asks the protagonist why he is so nice to him, and he explains that the protagonist is just a "non-official" crew member. He says that he does not think he can see the protagonist again after they finish the movie, but he is thankful that he takes care of him. He is happy and he likes it so much, but suddenly he feels "a bit shock, a bit scared". He asks the actor if he is okay and the actor says that the actor is drunk. The actor says he is not a "nice kid" like he thinks he is, and then the actor asks him to put down his "weight of handsomeness". The actor replies that there is "a nice taste" coming from the protagonist, but that he will be disappointed when he finds out. The scene ends with the protagonist asking the waiter to crawl out of the restaurant.
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