Boring Ninomiya-san

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The narrator introduces himself as a senpai, or servant, of a young man. The senpai is introduced as a "younger" man than the narrator, and the narrator is pleased to meet him. He asks the senpai if there is anything else he should do, and he asks if he can smoke a little. The young man replies that he is at his limit, but he is sorry that he cannot smoke. The narrator asks the young man if he has been working for a while, but the man says that he has not, and that he will see him later. The man says he is late, and when the narrator sees him, he is surprised to see that the man is not bullying him, but is his senpai. He says that there are a lot of students like this in the college he is going to, and they look dumb. He gives the young men an apology for the mistake they made the night before, and asks if they would like to smoke some more.
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