Dark Metro

Vol.2 Chapter IX: Omote Sando
This is a locked chapterVol.2 Chapter IX: Omote Sando
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Enosando asks why he always tries to save people when there are no one there to help him. He tells her that one day, his fire died and he was the one who was supposed to be dead. He says that he can see peoples life flames, but that he is the only one to see them. Enosesando is proud of his accomplishments, and he says that his mom told him that he had to hide his power so that people would not destroy what they did not understand. He promises her that he will not do anything that would destroy her power, and she agrees to come with him. She tells him that some one jumped to his side, and that he was lucky to be hired. She says that she is glad to have been hired, because she used to be lonely at the place, and now she will not be working there much longer. She asks him if he would like to be alone his whole life. He replies that he wants to be with her. He asks her to give him her ring, which she does not have. She gives him a break.
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