All I Think About Is You

All I Think About Is You 2
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The narrator tells us that he's thinking only of the story of two kana-chan. The narrator says that kana was a "kloppy cry baby" who was always following him and Yuu, and that he thought he needed him for every thing. He says that he was numb numb to see the face of Souma, and he feels bad because he thought that he knew everything about the two of them. He tells Souma that if he would rather be with them, he can go. Souma tells the narrator that he can have lunch with him tomorrow, too, if he'd rather spend time with his girlfriend. He asks the narrator if he wants to go to lunch with Souma and Mina, and the narrator tells him that he should go. He then tells the audience that he has something to tell them, but that he doesn't know what to say. He thinks that he saw Mina and Souma in a light he hasn't seen before, and so he thinks that it's because he saw them betray him. He also says that Yuu went to work and that his heart hurts because he used to follow him around. He wants to make his own decision, he says, but he can't because he is not a kid anymore. He knows that he is the one who is bad, because he still likes him.
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