Chapter 4
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It's been a while since we've seen the dolls, but they're back at the convenience store. They're introduced as Yujeong, Minyoung, yuna, and a few other names. Minyoung introduces himself as "Yuna" , and yuna introduces herself as "Yujeong" . They talk about the store and how great it is, and Minyoung asks if any of them have money. He's surprised to find out that they don't have any, and that they've been working so hard to make the store a success. He asks why they haven't had any customers yet, and he's shocked to find that only one customer has come into the store in the last few days. He wants to know what's going on with the doll, but he can't figure out why she's so upset. He decides to head home, and when he gets there, he finds out that the doll's owner is throwing the doll away. He tells her that he'll pick it up later, and she heads home. She asks why she came after just sending her mom a message. She says that her mom sent the message, and her mom didn't let her leave the house. She's sorry, but she doesn't think it's a ghost, because it was sent by her mom. It creaks not a ghost. It was a message from her mom, who took her phone away from her, and wouldn'
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