Chapter 26
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Yonhap News Agency reports that the fire has been put out and that Yonhap's father has arrived to see him. Yonhap says that he will not let Yonhap leave the company, but Yonhap will pass the company on to his father. When Yonhap opens the door, he is surprised to find that the door is still open. He asks Yonhap if he set the fire to force him out, and Yonhap replies that he did not want to see anyone else touch him, and that he does not like to be touched by anyone else. He tells Yonhap that he has been thinking about how he should have treated Yonhap when he separated from her, and how he would have treated her better if he had locked her up at home. He says he will treat her well now, and when he hears that there is a fire, he realizes that he must have sent the recording that he sent to Yonhap earlier, because it must have been because of the earlier report of the fire. He wants to thank Yonhap for his help, and he says that if Yonhap had not been so kind, he would not have stabbed him in the back
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